◇Quick Commission Opeinning◇

  • Canvas:square or round

  • Usage: personal use only

  • Payment: Paypal

  • Will adjust price if having too complex accessories.

  • Contact: Discord Masayo#9018

◇Rough chest up◇

❤Please notes: this is rough sketch, a certain degree of messy lines and colors cannot be avoided ❤
❤Quality will fluctuate within the quality range of the samples❤
❤Please let me know if you want one of the specific style in my samples❤

◇Special Add-on for Rough Chest Up: Add 15 Usd to make it a gif!◇

◇Detailed Headshot◇

◇Detailed Halfbody◇

❤Please ask on Discord if you want to queue for any non-opened slot ❤

Rough Chest Up50 USDUsually in one day (3-4 hours if you're available to reply fast)Open now
Detailed Headshot80 USD1 week to 3 weeksAfter May
Detailed Halfbody150 USD2 weeks to 6 weeksNone For Now

❤ Check following link for more samples ❤